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2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Friends of Miller Bay is celebrating 25 years of working to preserve and protect the

Miller Bay watershed and improve the quality of life for people and wildlife. We hope you will take a minute to renew your membership with us and have included a renewal form and envelope for your convenience.

The past several years have seen a lot of work completed and some noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Our first ever Five Year Plan was completed to help prioritize and guide us in the years ahead.

  • A major forest restoration project was started at the Cowling Creek Forest Preserve to restore the balance of trees to that of a healthy forest. This included cutting alders and maples and planting cedars and other native evergreens to speed up nature’s course. (This project will be ongoing for several more years.

  • We completed three years of monthly bird surveys to document “who” uses the bay and when.

  • Every year, FOMB hosts school groups from pre-k up to college level at the Cowling Creek Center to study science curriculum.

  • Annual “Birding Events” have been held at the Cowling Creek Center to help younger folks discover the joys of birding.

  • Three fish ladders were built on Cowling Creek by Trout Unlimited volunteers. For the first time since 1934 salmon can swim upstream under Miller Bay Road to spawn. And for the first time in over a century, salmon can now swim under Columbia Street to access over 4 miles of spawning and rearing habitat.

  • All during the month of November, the public is invited to visit the Cowling Creek Center to view the returning salmon.

An unprecedented opportunity has arisen that will help protect the main Miller Bay watershed. The Great Peninsula Conservancy is preparing to kickoff the Grovers Creek Campaign that will add 270 acres of upland Grovers Creek watershed to the 1005 acres of forestland now permanently protected by Kitsap Forest and Bay Project (when complete the KFB Project will preserve 7000 acres in North Kitsap). Some people feel this property is the most important of the entire project because of it’s myriad wetlands, it’s old growth spruce grove, and the great variety of flora and fauna.

Friends of Miller Bay sees this is as an incredibly important acquisition for the water quality of Miller Bay and because of the critical upland habitat protection it would afford. You will receive information about the campaign through the mail from the Great Peninsula Conservancy soon. Please attend our annual meeting, scheduled for 7 pm on Thursday November 13 at the Kingston Firehall, where there will be a

special presentation about the Grovers Creek Campaign by GPC executive director, Sandra Staples-Bortner.

All the best, The Friends of Miller Bay Board