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The Forest
Above The Bay

Through your generosity, and commitment to our environment we have protected the "Forest Above The Bay" for the benefit of all.

It's Official!
Our Mission

To improve quality of life by preserving natural habitats in the Miller Bay Watershed.

We are grateful for your support!

Our Board

Executive Directors

President            Michael Flynn

Vice President   Stephen Growdon

Secretary            Kirsten Sharp

Treasurer            Becky Hall

Program Directors

Stewardship & Restoration         Paul Dorn

Outreach & Education                Sheri Flynn

Acquisition & Preservation        Connie Reckord

Partnerships & Collaboration     Karen Molinari 

Contact Friends of Miller Bay

Get in touch with Friends of Miller Bay to join us or to learn more about our work. Please donate using one of the buttons on this site or reach out to us to contribute directiy. We truly appreciate your support!    

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