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The Forest 

Above The Bay

It's one of a kind, and together we saved it forever!

Friends of Miller Bay recently took on another very worthy project
and asked for your help!

It was a wonderful opportunity to save a sweet and valuable little forest. Time was short due to estate requirements from the seller but we all pulled together and made it happen in record time!

It's a proud moment and we'd like to offer sincere thanks to all of you in our community!

A beautiful two acre gem.

The magnificent conifers on this 2 acre parcel have quietly been eluding development for 150 to 200 years and can be seen from all over the bay. Without question these are among the oldest and most mature trees we have left.

There was understandable concern that developers might target this land, but because we all stepped up they're now safe, and will look over and protect Miller Bay forever.

It's such an accomplishment. Please know how much we value and appreciate your continued trust and commitment.

These trees could live to 500 years or more pretty easily if not too encroached upon. A single one of these trees does more work photosynthetically than 10,000 seedlings. 

-Paul Dorn - Biologist, FOMB President

Our Primary Goal

In the summer of 2023 we set out to raise $160K

in order to acquire this parcel as quickly as possible, by sometime in the fall. As of the beginning of December, thanks to your generosity, we met our fundraising goal and now have officially closed on the property, ensuring it will live on forever.

A Community Effort

We're truly in this together. This project was a partnership between Friends of Miller Bay, Great Peninsula Conservancy, and Kitsap Parks Department - and has also been approved by The Suquamish Tribe. 

This Is Critical Watershed And Habitat.

More than just a majestic forest and much needed carbon sink, this parcel holds up the hillside and provides critical drainage to Miller Bay.


And because it adjoins the Indianola Woodland Preserve it will extend a valuable corridor that provides a home to birds and four-legged critters

of all kinds. 

Click to expand either one of our map views.

We're All Connected.

It's true. We know that we're all connected in nature.

In her book "Finding The Mother Tree" Dr. Suzanne Simard eloquently explains how mature conifers are connected to young trees via their roots and linking fungus. They share nutrients, water, and energy.

​And of course that connection extends out further, through air, water, soil, food, fish, wildlife, plants and humans. It's very easy to see just how connected and dependent we are on one another.

And because of you we'll now remain connected to this sweet little forest forever.


Thank you for your support.

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